The Dreaded Diagnosis Arrives

"What it looks like you have is Irritable Bowel Syndrome." said the gastrointestinal doc.

John was shocked. He'd never heard of such a disease. Or wait. Is a syndrome even a disease?

"What...what's that?" John asked. Could it be a form of cancer?

"Well," said the doctor taking another long drag. "It means that your bowels are irritated."

"My bowels are irritated?" repeated John in disbelief.

"Yes," said the doc.

"But I already knew that! That's why I came to you."

In other words, the gastrointestinal expert had no idea why John's gastrointestinal tract was causing him so much suffering.

Snubbing out his cigarette, the doctor pulled out a notepad,

"Here's a lifetime prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs. Good luck!"

Luckily, John eventually discovered Ayurveda. And he's doing a lot better. 95% cured. I'll tell you more about his Colon Karma success story another day.

Today, I just wanted to say: Forget about irritable bowel syndrome... 
It's a pointless term that only describes the symptoms.

It doesn't describe the cause.

Pay attention to this instead:

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