You're Suffering From Vata Indigestion

People who suffer bloating, constipation and diarrhea have what we call in Ayurveda "Vata Indigestion." Four common causes of Vata Indigestion include:

1. Fast & Light: Some people suffer Vata Indigestion because they were born with a "vata body." They are naturally thin. They think fast. They talk fast. They move fast. They are imaginative. No matter what they eat they don't gain weight. This type of body and mind is very prone to digestive problems.

2. "On The Go" Lifestyle: Others suffer Vata Indigestion because they are exposed to "vata circumstances." They may take a flight more than once a month. Maybe they work in the transportation industry (stewardess or a truck driver). Or they may perform in the theatre or are a travelling musician. Or maybe you just have three kids who keep you moving constantly.

3. Cold or Dry Climate: Vata Indigestion can also be caused by dry climates (e.g. Arizona) or cold climates (e.g. Canada). Worse is when you live in a dry and cold climate. If there's snow on the ground... that's bad news for people with Vata Indigestion.

4. 57 Years and Older: In fact, just being over 57 years of age throws you into the "vata" period of life. It's no wonder seniors buy more laxatives than any other age group.

In short, if you're naturally thin... if your lifestyle is chaotic or involves a lot of travelling... or if you live in a cold or dry region... or if you are over 57... then you're a prime candidate for Vata Indigestion.

If all four points apply to your situation... then I'd wager your suffering intense indigestion and pain.

Not to worry, though...

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