John Was Suffering From a Severe Case of Colon Karma...

Dr. Helen Mary Thomas
Dr. Helen Mary Thomas
In 1996, John Manley's stomach was so bloated he wanted to stab it with a knife - just to release pressure.

He suffered flatulence that smelt like a rotting dumpster.

His energy level was that of an oak tree. He felt as strong an arthritic jelly fish. He slept as well as a bat trapped in a rumbling dryer.

A gastrointestinal specialist did a number of expensive tests. Tubes, scopes, cameras, radioactive dye... It wasn't fun.

Finally, John was called back to the doctor's office for the tests results.

Sitting John down the doctor lit up a cigarette (good thing he wasn't a lung doctor).

Leaning back in his chair he said: "John, I'm happy to tell you that you don't have Crohn's disease. You don't have colitis."

"Great," said John as choked on the smoke filling the room.

"What it looks like you have is...

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