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Dr. Helen Mary Thomas. The Indigestion Guru.
Dr. Helen Mary Thomas. The Indigestion Guru.
As a member of the Colon Karma Cure you should finally find the relief you've been looking for. Say goodbye to embarrassing gas. Get rid of a bloated tummy. Stop worrying about diarrhea. No more constipation. And end to pain in the lower abdomen. Here's exactly what you'll get:
  • 30 Weekly Modules: As soon as you sign up you'll receive the first of 30 modules. Each module includes a 30-minute audio with me. Plus, you get a 2-page "cheat sheet". You can download these immediately. Then every 7 days I'll send you a link to the next module in the series.
  • 10-Day Ginger Treatment: This recipe is to be taken every morning for the next ten days. It'll will bring instant relief. Plus, it tastes delicious. How-to-make-it video included.
  • Lube Your Tube With Golden Homemade Ghee: Instructions on how to make what Ayurveda considers the most important “lubricant” for your gastrointestinal tract.


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The Colon Karma Cure: 30-Week Ayurvedic Program for Healing Vata Indigestion
8 payments of $19.95 every month

Remember: You can cancel anytime. You can receive a refund on any payments made within any 60-day period. There's no risk to you.

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